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Ang BloombergNEF ay hinuhulaan ang 30% taunang paglago para sa pandaigdigang merkado ng imbakan ng enerhiya hanggang 2030

Oras: 2022-04-12 Hit: 36

The global energy storage market will grow to deploy 58GW/178GWh annually by 2030, with the US and China representing 54% of all deployments, according to forecasting by BloombergNEF.

The group’s H1 2022 Energy Storage Market Outlook report was published shortly before the end of March. While acknowledging that near-term deployments have been dampened by supply chain constraints, there will be a 30% compound annual growth rate in the market, BloombergNEF predicted.

BloombergNEF also noted that lithium-ion battery storage contributed 95% of new utility-scale capacity globally last year, with only a “few rare exceptions” such as three new compressed-air energy storage systems in China totalling 170MW/760MWh.

The firm expects that lithium will maintain that grip on the market for the next few years, expecting that flow batteries, electrothermal and other longer duration technologies will still remain limited to small pilot or special purpose projects. Yet in the future, longer-duration energy storage could be a provider of emissions-free firm capacity to grids, BloombergNEF noted.