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Imbakan ng Enerhiya ng Sambahayan

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The home energy storage system uses the energy generated by the rooftop solar power plant, the home wind turbine, and the low-cost power source of the social power supply system to store the rich electricity into the storage system for peak use, not only as an emergency power source, but also for the household to save electricity costs. In addition to family use, can also be used for field operations, emergency power outage, for general household appliances, computers, lighting, communication equipment, etc.


Rika lithium batteries for household energy storage improves efficiency of solar energy gathered by panels by storing the power transformed from the inverter. With Rika energy storage system, you can make, use, save, and sell your own power in a safe and convenient way. Thus, your utility bills will be lower and the power will flow even when the weather takes an unexpected turn, or the grid has a bad day.



Imbakan ng Enerhiya sa BahaymulaRika Solaris a photovoltaic energy storage system with a customized battery management system (BMS) based on lithium iron phosphate orMagaracapacitor batteries. They are with high cycle times, long service life and suitable for daily charging and discharging 


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